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Stress & Anxiety

Yoga offers many natural, proven, and safe approaches to stress management. In this workshop, you will learn about the breath-mind-body connection and how it relates to the nervous system and the relaxation response. You will be introduced to, and will experience, different yoga techniques for stress-related conditions such as anxiety, impaired breath, panic, and physical tension. These techniques offer relaxation in the moment but are also effective methods for managing ongoing stress. The workshop will teach several accessible breath practices that can reduce stress and anxiety. The workshops will include a guided “lunar flow” of gentle, inward-focused movements that lessen mental and physical tension. These movements and postures will be combined with taught breath and mindfulness techniques specifically aimed at reducing stress. The workshop will also include a more active asana practice aimed at stress reduction; this will focus on the energetic relationship between forward folds, the nervous system, breath, and mind. You will learn how all of these practices can help practitioners find more ease, and there will be time for you to experience and reflect on their effects yourself. You will leave with information about creating simple yoga practices aimed at stress management; further resources; and tools practitioners can use in everyday life that give them awareness and power over stress.

RYT 200 - Philosophy 6 Contact Hours
CE Credits

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