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Arm Balances

Explore the foundations of arm balances through a variety of exercises to build strength and structure. Arm/Hand Balances can strengthen the muscles, bones and joints of the hands, arms chest, shoulders, back, abdominals, as well as increase blood flow through these parts. An added side benefit of learning these beautiful balancing postures is a nice boost in self-confidence and self-acceptance. The mind also becomes one-pointed and happy when yogic flight is achieved.

You will learn how to safely support weight on your wrists and shoulders and how to find your center of gravity will work on finding that delicate balance between strength and flexibility that enables us to experience arm balances with ease. Whether you're refining your postures or just learning them, this workshop will offer tips to help you find better integration and effortlessness. We will learn with an emphasis on experimentation rather than perfectionism. Come prepared to have fun. By the end of the workshop you will most likely be able to do something you never have done before!

CE Credits
  3.75 FEN/ACSM         4 Contact hours - Technique

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