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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your Yoga Teacher Certification apart from the rest?

Answer:  FitnessEdNet has been teaching Health, Wellness, Mind and Body workshops for nearly 2 decades.  FitnessEdNet's respected reputation and its highly experienced and credentialed instructors, sets us aside from many in the Health and Fitness Industry.  FitnessEdNet's Yoga Teacher Certification also offers convenience, affordability, versatility and flexibility.  


Do I have to take the Introduction to Yoga course even if I already have experience in Yoga?

Answer:  This course is now included in both the Weekly and the Two Weekend Certification.  Although you may have background experience and/or knowledge in Yoga, it is mandatory that you take the Introduction to Yoga before the Teacher Certification.  The Introduction course gives you a great overview of how FitnessEdNet's Certification course will be conducted.  


Which Yoga Teacher Certification format should I take?

Answer: Your decision should be based on personal preference and what would fit best in your personal schedule.  Both the 12-week and 2-weekend format offer the same information.  Remember that the Introduction to Yoga is included in both formats. 


Will the 12-week or 2-weekend Yoga Teacher Certification workshop give me the 200 hours to be RYT credentialed?

Answer: No!  The Yoga Teacher Certification course will provide you 40 contact hours and 40 non-contact hours towards the RYT 200 credential. 


What is my first step if I am interested in enrolling in the RYT 200 hour program?

Answer: The Yoga Teacher Certification program is the first step toward the RYT 200 credential program. Once complete you may contact the office for individualized pricing to continue with your RYT 200.


What are my different payment options for the RYT 200 hour program?

Answer: FitnessEdNet offers 3 different payment plans: 
  Plan #1: - Pay in full,  
Plan #2
: - Pay in payments  
Plan #3
: - Pay as you go

How long will the RYT 200 hour program take me to complete?

Answer: On average, the program takes approximately 2 years.  The program can be completed faster.  FitnessEdNet rotates its courses each term so that RYT students will have a variety of courses to take throughout the year.  

What is the next step after completion of the RYT 200 hour program?

Answer: Hopefully you will continue yoga education as the yoga information does not stop at the 200-hour level.  In the near future, FitnessEdNet  is planning to offer more courses towards the RYT 500 credential.

Will I need to keep track of all my hours on my own?

Answer: If you pay by payment plan #1 or plan #2 you will not have to keep track of your hours.  FitnessEdNet  will keep you up-to-date with your status.  If you choose to pay as you go, you will have to keep track of your own hours.

What is the difference between contact and non-contact hours?

Answer: Contact hours are hours spent in the classroom with your credentialed instructor.  Non-contact hours are completed through work done outside of the classroom (i.e., homework, class observations, and home studies)  Your non-contact hours are completed through FitnessEdNet FitnessEdNet's Yoga Teacher Certification workshop.


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